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Collection: KANGOL

Kangol, created in the '20s by Jakob Henryk Spreiregen, a Polish-Jewish immigrant to England in 1915, saw its berets imported from France take off. The name 'Kangol' was coined in 1930, combining 'K' for knitting, 'ANG' for Angora (a type of wool), and 'OL' for wool. But it was the '80s that sent the hat flying into the hip-hop spotlight. LL Cool J was the first, then followed by Run-DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, and Missy Elliott all rocked the iconic Kangol bucket, and Brooklyn's UTFO had a member named Kangol Kid. Oh, and let's not forget Nino Brown from New Jack City (aka Wesley Snipes) and his Kangol lids.