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Justfitteds is a well-known cap store that was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2008. The store has gained a reputation for its extensive selection of New Era hats, including many rare and hard-to-find designs. In addition to selling caps from top brands, Justfitteds also has its own brand featuring the crossed bats logo. The Justfitteds brand offers a range of unique designs that are exclusive to the store, making them highly sought after by cap enthusiasts. In 2019, Justfitteds opened a second shop in Berlin, further expanding its reach across Germany. The Berlin store features a similar selection of caps and streetwear, as well as the same knowledgeable and friendly staff that have made Justfitteds a popular destination for cap lovers. Overall, Justfitteds has established itself as a leading cap store in Germany, with a loyal following of customers who appreciate their dedication to quality and unique designs.